About us

Víno škrobák o nás

Typical family winery, where the love of wine and winemaker skills are handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. The builder of the winery Vladimir Škrobák, who spent his whole life in the vineyard and in the winecellar and was a tireless promoter of wines from Čejkovice. Thanks to him the historically known vineyards in Čejkovice were planted again. His enthusiasm he gave also to his son Stanislav, who decided in 1992 to start the business Škrobák Winery. Initially, on the area of ​​one hectare he produced barrel wine for his regular customers and in a limited extent, bottled wine for family and friends. Quality of the wines spread rapidly and rising demand forced the winzer to expand the acreage of vineyards and production switched to high-end bottled wine. Son Martin, who studied winemaking at the Wine School in Valtice and then at university in Lednice, where he gained the necessary knowledge for the production of quality wines, has gradually begun to participate in building of the company. It started with the application of modern techniques in both the vineyard and cellar. Winery is well aware that top wines can be produced only from the finest grapes, therefore the qualified vineyard cultivation is the philosophy of the company. We place great emphasis on the quality of work by the thinning of the green grapes and it is therefore made only by family members in order to achieve the highest quality of the grapes.

In the beginnings of the company the wine used to be produced in the classical cellar in wooden barrels. These spaces, however, did not have enough capacity, so the company moved into a newly built production facilities complying fully with the requirements of modern winemaking. These premises are currently used only for wine but in the coming years there will be a decent space for the presentation of wines.

The technology of wine production is currently at a crossroads between modern practices and the latest classic old (peasant) method. Some wines are made to drink into one year - they're purely aromatic wine with floral aromas of fruit, with fresh delicious taste, pleasant to drink. Such a fine wine is achieved by gentle pressure, defecation with enzymes, noble wine yeast to fermentation, temperature controlled ferment. In recent years, but increasingly we return to the classic all-natural method, when we let nature work only and we do not add to any wine yeasts, enzymes and the fining agent. These wines have character, where you can feel the vineyard, soil and winemaker manuscript. These wines are designed for true connoisseurs and during the maturation in the bottle reach perfection.

An integral part of our portfolio is a special wine. We are proud of Botrytis cinerea selection, ice and straw wines and sparkling wines fermented in the bottle. The production of ice wines we started in 1995 and in 1999 we produced the first red ice wine in the country.